The sports for social change brand 

Xwolf is a socially conscious sports brand where profits from sales are shared

with organisations which use football as a tool for social development

Xwolf Teamkits

Xwolf is a socially consious sports brand. We deliver high quality football kits to teams and give back to their communities.

An Xwolf kit employs moisture managment climatecool technology for enhanced evapouration and breathability ensuring peak performance in all conditions.

Sustainable Income

Generate revenue for non- profit organisations which use sports to promote positive social change in underserved communities


Quality Apparel

Entrench Xwolf as a mainstream sports apparel brand that delivers high quality sports apparel at affordable prices

Connect Communities

Connect sports fans to organisations in their communities that are using sport to deliver positive social change 

Positive Change

The Xwolf brand delivers positive social impact by supporting sport for development organisations

Social Investment Target

Current Social Investment





Xwolf Website Launch

Xwolf is excited to to launch its website today. The website is designed to market the Xwolf brand globally, and tell the unique story about how the brand is reinvesting  a portion of its profits from the sale of teamkits into sport for social good organisations.  ...

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training4ChangeS Kit Donation

training4ChangeS received a donated kit for the u10 team who is travelling to an interenational tournament in Scotland. Team coach said, "We are very grateful to streetfootballworld and Xwolf Sportswear for donating this kit to the team." The boys tour in a few months...

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